Dear friends,

I teach in my home studio near Madrid.
Online classes are also available on Skype, Google duo, Zoom.

Learning to play an instrument depends mainly on the union of two factors: your motivation and commitment, and the qualification, artistry and motivation of your teacher. It is a process of transfer and revelation that is carried out together.

With these premises you can fluently assimilate and enjoy the essential tools we need when expressing ourselves with a musical instrument.

I interview and talk with my students to define the type of work we should do together.
It is important to be as clear as possible when starting a learning process: commitment and perseverance are required.

Although we have an essential instrumental training, I consider that listening -in a holistic sense- is the most important: it is the main vehicle to FIND YOUR VOICE, both in a spiritual sense and in an artistic sense. Internal listening of yourself is a must.

Beyond the initial approach, what matters most is the essence of each individual: nature, character, uniqueness; it reveals itself along the way in music, in art, in life.

When we meet with this kind of awareness, we can be certain that we have touched the most important place in the experience between teacher and student: knowledge has been extended and renewed, both now share a common ground in which giving is the same as giving.

We have moved forward together!

We can arrange a telephone interview without obligation and assess how I can help you. (Telegram or WhatsApp)

Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese.

See you soon!